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Documentation of the data model

Entity bibliographicResource

Definition: a bibliographic record, describing a real world object, like a book, an article, a journal, etc. The equivalent of the FRBR manifestation.

URI schema[ID]

RDF class

class use
dct:BibliographicResource for all resources
bibo:Article for journal articles
bibo:Book for monographes
bibo:Manuscript for manuscripts
bibo:Periodical for periodicals (journals, revues, etc.)
bibo:Proceedings for conference proceedings
bibo:Series for series, collections
bibo:Thesis for thesis and dissertations
bibo:Website for websites


property use* datatype content
bf:instanceOf where possible URI Work(s) of which the resource is an instance (Swissbib URI from entity work )
bibo:edition where possible string Edition statement and responsibility statement
bibo:isbn10 where possible string ISBN in 13 digits
bibo:isbn13 where possible string ISBN in 10 characters
bibo:issn where possible string ISSN
dbo:originalLanguage where possible URI Original anguage of the resource (Lexvo URI)
dc:format where possible string Physical description (extent, other physical details, dimensions, accompanying material)
dct:alternative where possible string Alternative title (incl. number and name of part)
dct:bibliographicCitation where possible string Series statement or note about host item
dct:contributor where possible URI Main or secondary author(s) (Swissbib URI from entity person or organisation)
dct:hasPart where possible string Parts of the resource (i.e. titles, ev. statements of responsibility and numbering)
dct:isPartOf where possible URI Host item, mainly used for journal articles (Swissbib URI from entity bibliographicResource)
dct:issued every resource string Publication date or period
dct:language every resource URI Language(s) of the resource (Lexvo URI)
dct:subject where possible URI Subject(s) (GND URI)
dct:title everywhere string Title (incl. subtitle, number and name of part)
rdau:P60049 where possible URI RDA content type
rdau:P60050 where possible URI RDA media type
rdau:P60051 only for serials and integrating resources URI RDA mode of issuance
rdau:P60163 every resource URI Country of publication, for some data also Swiss canton of publication (Geonames URI)
rdau:P60333 where possible string Imprint (place of publication, publisher, date)
rdau:P60339 where possible string Statement of responsibility
rdau:P60470 where possible string General note about the resource
rdau:P60489 where possible string Note about the dissertation or thesis
rdfs:isDefinedBy everywhere URI Document describing the bibliographic record (Swissbib URI from entity document)

* The use in every resource doesn’t exclude some exceptions. It means that every resource should contain this data.