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Documentation of the data model

Entity document

Definition: a document describing the bibliographic record, i.e. the entity bibliographicResource. Contains statements about the rights, the creator and the creation date of the record itself.

URI schema[ID]

RDF class

class use
bibo:Document for all resources


property use* datatype content
bf:local everywhere string Local ID(s) (i.e. from the various data providers of Swissbib) of the bibliographic resource
dc:contributor where possible string Institution (i.e. library) that created the bibliographic resource (in form of a string if the institution is outside of Switzerland and not known by swissbib)
dct:contributor where possible URI Institution (i.e. library) that created the bibliographic resource (Swissbib URI from entity organisation)
dct:issued everywhere dateTime Date of publication of the bibliographic resource
dct:modified everywhere dateTime Date of last modification of the bibliographic resource
dct:rights where possible string Mark “Metadata rights reserved” (should not be visible in the API)
foaf:primaryTopic everywhere URI Link to the bibliographic resource described (Swissbib URI from entity bibliographicResource)

* The use in every resource doesn’t exclude some exceptions. It means that every resource should contain this data.