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Entity person

Definition: a record describing a person from the real world, who generally acts as an author for a bibliographic resource

URI schema[ID]

RDF class

class use
foaf:Person for all resources


property use* datatype content source
dbo:abstract where possible string (de, en, fr, it) Introducing text about the person DBpedia dbo:abstract
dbo:birthDate where possible date Birth date Wikidata wdt:P569, GND dateOfBirth, VIAF schema:birthDate, DBpedia dbo:birthDate
dbo:birthPlace where possible URI + labels Birth place - county and/or city GND placeOfBirth, Wikidata wdt:P19, DBpedia dbo:birthPlace
dbo:birthYear where possible year Birth year Wikidata, GND dbo:birthYear, VIAF, swissbib, DBpedia dbo:birthYear
dbo:child where possible URI + labels child GND hasChild, Wikidata wdt:P40, DBpedia dbo:child
dbo:deathDate where possible date Death date Wikidata wdt:P570, GND dateOfDeath, VIAF schema:deathDate, DBpedia dbo:deathDate
dbo:deathPlace where possible URI + labels Death place - county and/or city GND placeOfDeath, Wikidata wdt:P20, DBpedia dbo:deathPlace
dbo:deathYear where possible year Death year Wikidata, GND dbo:deathYear, VIAF, swissbib, DBpedia dbo:deathYear
dbo:genre where possible URI + labels Genre (ex: thriller, pop music, poetry, …) associated with the person Wikidata wdt:P136
dbo:influencedBy where possible URI +labels Other person having influenced this person Wikidata wdt:P737, DBpedia dbo:influencedBy
dbo:movement where possible URI + labels artistic movement or school with which the person is associated Wikidata wdt:P135, DBpedia dbo:movement
dbo:nationality where possible URI + labels Nationality Wikidata wdt:P27, DBpedia dbo:nationality
dbo:notableWork where possible URI + labels Notable works of the person Wikidata wdt:P800, VIAF dbo:notableWork, DBpedia dbo:notableWork
dbo:occupation where possible URI + labels Occupation, activity of the person GND professionOrOccupation, Wikidata wdt:P106, DBpedia dbo:occupation
dbo:parent where possible URI + labels Father and mother GND hasParent, Wikidata wdt:P22, DBpedia dbo:parent
dbo:pseudonym where possible string Pseudonym GND pseudonym, Wikidata wdt:P742, DBpedia dbo:pseudonym
dbo:sibling where possible URI + labels Siblings GND hasSibling, Wikidata wdt:P3373, DBpedia dbo:sibling
dbo:spouse where possible URI + labels Spouse GND hasSpouse, Wikidata wdt:P26, DBpedia dbo:spouse
dbo:thumbnail where possible URI Thumbnail GND depiction, Wikidata wdt:P18, DBpedia dbo:thumbnail
dbo:website where possible URI Links to websites GND homepage, DBpedia dbo:website
foaf:firstName where possible string First name swissbib
foaf:isPrimaryTopicOf where possible URI Links to Wikipedia GND wikipedia and DBpedia foaf:isPrimaryTopicOf
foaf:lastName where possible string Last name swissbib
foaf:name where possible string Name (only if the person has no distinct first and last names) swissbib
gnd:academicDegree where possible string An academic degree GND academicDegree
gnd:acquaintanceshipOrFriendship where possible URI + labels Relationship between a person, family, or corporate body and another person, family, or corporate body which cannot be specified more closely GND acquaintanceshipOrFriendship
gnd:affiliation where possible URI + labels A corporate body associated with a person or group of persons. GND affiliation
gnd:affiliationAsLiteral where possible string A corporate body associated with a person or group of persons. This property is equivalent to gndo:affiliation but gives a literal instead of a URI. GND affiliationAsLiteral
gnd:biographicalOrHistoricalInformation where possible string Summary of the essential biographical, historical, or other information about the described entity. GND biographicalOrHistoricalInformation
gnd:broaderTermGeneral where possible URI + labels The generic relation is a semantic relation between two concepts where the intension of one of the concepts includes that of the other concepts and at least one additional delimiting characteristic is added. GND broaderTermGeneral
gnd:broaderTermInstantial where possible URI + labels The instance relationship links a general concept such as a class of things or events, and an individual instance oft hat class, which is often represented by a proper name. GND broaderTermInstantial
gnd:characteristicPlace where possible URI + labels A significant place for a person or family GND characteristicPlace
gnd:correspondent where possible URI + labels A person or organization who was either the writer or recipient of a letter or other communication GND correspondent
gnd:dateOfBirthAndDeath where possible string Date of birth and death GND dateOfBirthAndDeath
gnd:fieldOfStudy where possible URI + labels A person’s field of study GND fieldOfStudy
gnd:functionOrRole where possible URI + labels Function or role GND functionOrRole
gnd:geographicAreaCode where possible URI + labels Geographic area code GND geographicAreaCode
gnd:gndIdentifier where possible string GND identifier GND gndIdentifier
gnd:gndSubjectCategory where possible URI + labels GND subject category GND gndSubjectCategory
gnd:hasAuntUncle where possible URI + labels   GND hasAuntUncle
gnd:hasColleague where possible URI + labels   GND hasColleague
gnd:hasFriend where possible URI + labels   GND hasFriend
gnd:hasGrandChild where possible URI + labels   GND hasGrandChild
gnd:hasGrandParent where possible URI + labels   GND hasGrandParent
gnd:hasNieceNephew where possible URI + labels   GND hasNieceNephew
gnd:hasStudent where possible URI + labels   GND hasStudent
gnd:hasTeacher where possible URI + labels   GND hasTeacher
gnd:languageCode where possible URI + labels Language code GND languageCode
gnd:memberOfTheFamily where possible URI + labels Member of the family GND memberOfTheFamily
gnd:oldAuthorityNumber where possible string Old authority number GND oldAuthorityNumber
gnd:periodOfActivity where possible string A person’s known period of activity GND periodOfActivity
gnd:placeOfActivity where possible URI + labels A person’s known place of activity GND placeOfActivity, Wikidata wdt:P937
gnd:placeOfBirthAsLiteral where possible string Place of birth GND placeOfBirthAsLiteral
gnd:placeOfDeathAsLiteral where possible string Place of death GND placeOfDeathAsLiteral
gnd:placeOfExile where possible URI + labels A place where a person or family lived in exile GND placeOfExile
gnd:playedInstrument where possible URI + labels   GND playedInstrument
gnd:professionalRelationship where possible URI + labels An occupational relationship between a person or family and another person or family GND professionalRelationship
gnd:professionOrOccupationAsLiteral where possible string A profession or occupation practiced by a person GND professionOrOccupationAsLiteral
gnd:publication where possible string notable works as literals GND publication
gnd:realIdentity where possible URI + labels Links an identity under which one or more persons act, e. g. write, compose or create art, but that is not their real name (i. e. a pseudonym) to their real identity. GND realIdentity
gnd:relatedCorporateBody where possible URI + labels Related Corporate Body GND relatedCorporateBody
gnd:relatedPerson where possible URI + labels   GND relatedPerson
gnd:relatedPlaceOrGeographicName where possible URI + labels   GND relatedPlaceOrGeographicName
gnd:relatedSubjectHeading where possible URI + labels   GND relatedSubjectHeading
gnd:relatedTerm where possible URI + labels   GND relatedTerm
gnd:relatedWork where possible URI + labels   GND relatedWork
gnd:titleOfNobility where possible URI + labels A title of nobility held by a person or family. GND titleOfNobility
gnd:titleOfNobilityAsLiteral where possible string A title of nobility held by a person or family. GND titleOfNobilityAsLiteral
gnd:udkCode where possible string   GND udkCode
owl:sameAs where possible URI URIs in other datasets swissbib, VIAF, GND, Wikidata and DBpedia
rdfs:label everywhere string Full heading of the person, including name and - if available - numeration, years of birth/death and title GND preferredName, VIAF rdfs:label and DBpedia rdfs:label
schema:description where possible string (de, en, fr, it) description  
schema:familyName where possible string Last name / Family name VIAF schema:familyName) and DBpedia foaf:lastName
schema:givenName where possible string First name / Given name VIAF schema:givenName and DBpedia foaf:firstName
schema:name where possible string (de, en, fr, it) names  
wdt:P102 where possible URI + labels member of political party Wikidata wdt:P102
wdt:P103 where possible URI + labels native language Wikidata wdt:P103
wdt:P1038 where possible URI + labels relative Wikidata wdt:P1038
wdt:P1050 where possible URI + labels medical condition Wikidata wdt:P1050
wdt:P108 where possible URI + labels employer Wikidata wdt:P108
wdt:P109 where possible URI link to picture of signature Wikidata wdt:P109
wdt:P119 where possible URI + labels place of burial Wikidata wdt:P119
wdt:P1196 where possible URI + labels manner of death Wikidata wdt:P1196
wdt:P1317 where possible date floruit Wikidata wdt:P1317
wdt:P1343 where possible URI + labels described by source Wikidata wdt:P1343
wdt:P1344 where possible URI + labels participant of Wikidata wdt:P1344
wdt:P140 where possible URI + labels religion Wikidata wdt:P140
wdt:P1412 where possible URI + labels language spoken written or signed Wikidata wdt:P1412
wdt:P166 where possible URI + labels award recieved Wikidata wdt:P166
wdt:P172 where possible URI + labels ethnic group Wikidata wdt:P172
wdt:P21 where possible URI + labels gender or sex VIAF schema:gender, Wikidata wdt:P21, GND gender
wdt:P31 where possible URI + labels instance of Wikidata wdt:P31
wdt:P373 where possible URI Commons category Wikidata wdt:P373
wdt:P39 where possible URI + labels position held Wikidata wdt:P39
wdt:P451 where possible URI + labels partner Wikidata wdt:P451
wdt:P509 where possible URI + labels cause of death Wikidata wdt:P509
wdt:P69 where possible URI + labels educated at Wikidata wdt:P69

* The use in every resource doesn’t exclude some exceptions. It means that every resource should contain this data.